Friday, October 09, 2009

Who Invented Human?

I have a scifi idea coming out but i don't want to loose it so i put it in my blog.Some people think this might be crazy, but try to be open minded.By all years long,Human has been wondered how we come from.Or every body has heard a question about "Did the world have a chicken first or have an egg first."The question still haven't solved by the mean time.Or some people believe in Darwin evolution theory.Some might believe in bible.With all kind of explanation that how human come from.Some said we evolved from a single cell.Where bible said we are create by god base on his image.

Nowadays,Internet, Technology and Robotics is being familiar to our daily life.While we also watch a lots of movies,which shows how our future will be. I-Robot,Terminator,Matrix shows some kind of philosophy.Mean while, we can't resist that the future might share the world with robots. Robots might have Artificial Intelligent and they will think themselves in future.

And base on my observation.What makes a robot? steel, metal,electricity,liquid and some software all means..It is made by the resources from earth.And a same philosophy that robots come from a shape of human.Which is same talk we share in bible.Where god created human base on his image then human create robots base on their own image..

In reverse psychology,why not we reverse back the same technique that we create robots using earth resources to somebody created human using their own planet resources.
There might be a planet in the great universe where their minerals will be bones and their water will be blood.And Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) might be something that is created by somebody too.Think Again, where human can created Artificial Intelligent (AI) by our recent technology.It may be more in the future,then why that somebody create human intelligent and complicated nerves system is not possible?And even the robots might create other robot by producing some special molecules,who knows..just like human give birth by producing sperm and ovum 2 special cell.

The stories ends just l
ike us.human dies.Why we die? Is because of some parts of our system fail to function.Where robots will die too if their operation system fail to function.If in the future will have a war between human and robot.Or during the war human race die and extinct.while robot taken over the world and they build their home in earth or maybe some other planet.Then generation pass by generation,age by age and long enough for the robot to forgot who created them.It all comes back to a circle.Just like our human nowadays.Then the robot will asking "How did robot come from?"And there must be have a robot like me writing a blog and wondering about it.

Unknown -------------------------> Human ----------------> Robot

Thursday, February 01, 2007

is my thinking, u can dont agree, and u can dont read

i m not very happy today, but people use to be not happy..and there will be happy...thats how you happy coz u got not happy to compare.i m working in 3D design field..where i dont think it is a design..we din plan for idea and nothing not not totally selling technical skill and services..where i use to think i dont need to study university for this field..where i creative totally useless.somehow i dunno why people think of 3D, they wan it realistics,if not realistic is not a good 3D..where people show me..a realistic modelling girl..what for to model,just shoot picture style at all, what for people still wanna create realistic thing where there is being created..thats my point of view,coz i dont understand..i dont understand even when drawing,why need a right propotion,why need a right perspective,u r not drawing wat u think r following something and draw out something exactly same..totally no point..i dunno why human create so many limitation on everything they do..and they say is proffesional..while on my point of not everything follow the rules that some people who think is important makes out a good artwork..u r a creative person, u create new things,...i really dont understad why people will say a realistic modelling is nice and good..i think the realistic style is totally no style at all..u can dont agree my point,but this is what i think...maybe i m different taste and different style wif many of my friends,where sometimes i think some artwork is nice, i think it is different ,what for u are not detail enough,not nice the is to see the meaning and the message the artwork wanna send out..not to see the detail and the technical part of it..u can say piccasso is a sohai..coz his art work is totally not detail and totally no propotion and totally no perspective..but for me..i think u dunno how to appreciate..u cant get the meaning behind the artwork.where i think the same in 3D art work..i m not looking for a good skill artwork...i m looking for the meaning and the message it brings out from an art work..skill can be polish..i dont think a realistic 3D modelling girl is good..and i think is sucks..that people who show off their skill..i think is no point..i think many people is totally out of track and the thing they see in 3D is the detail and the lighting and the modelling....all is the technical part..where i think the artwork is sucks, even how fucking detail u do,i think is no difference,i more appreciate a child who sketch an artwork which got story behind than a some call proffessional 3D modeller and just model a realistic modelling to show of their skill...

Saturday, January 13, 2007

The Beautiful People

i had a long time din post a blog...i think i feel like want to abandon it,but i just dont want,because i dont want to send my thing to the abandon world..where i watch in the movie recycle..feel like not good to abandon thing..

f or this blog i wanna tell my readers,wat people i had seen in my life until now..the beautiful people..there is many types of human, human characteristic..the reason for their charactereristic:

some people love to get attention so they razor themselves and let people see their blood come out from their hand, some people think they are so intelligent because they are stupid and feel ashame to accept it, some people love to show off, because they want people to know they are good where they arent that good instead, some people like to bullshit,because they just cant say the fact,some people love to blame everything they feel bad by writing blog, because they got no other place to show they unlikely for the world, some people feel sick for this world,because they feel like go die better,some people love to think they are young,because they cant accept they are old,some people love to talk bad thing,because they mouth just cant talk good thing,some people feel jealous to some people, because they feel unfair,some people is just antisocial,because they got psycological problem, some people wanna show they know everything, because they just know nothing and love to bullshit some people..some people think every thing that he got and he own is the best,because they are childish and love to win.some people jealous other wining ,because they cant accept they loose,some people love to act like american,because they cant accept they are chinese.,some people love to complain, because they just dont like what they get,some people wear mask,because they dont wan some people to know their real face,or they real face is ugly.some people just act so fake,because they are not human, some people just feel damned of this world, because they cant see the beauty of the world,some people love to be gay, because they just dunno how to appreciate the beauty girls..some beautiful...

and because this kind of people thinking,it makes the world into a mess,and because of these beautiful people that makes me sick. and because of these people,the world is so fuck up..and because of these people, they are soo beautiful..what a beautiful characteristic..i hope some people can change,but some people just cant because they think they are right...

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Angel and DEvil inside me

When i was small child..i study in primary school like some other child..and study and study..and i dunno why should i i go and ask my teacher.."why we gonna study so hard??"and teacher tell to enwide ur knowledge and do a better job for having a better life.. Thats talk born the angel inside me...and when the time i talk wif my frens..they call me out to play..but i say i wanna study in frens say:"o...fuck you wat la..come out and play.." and so i go out to play...and i feel happy and relax..and joy..thats born my devil..

when the time i in secondary school..I facing PMR and SPM exam..i study so hard in order to get a better result..then i ask myself..why i shud study?? for a better angel say to me.. so i follow..wat she say

when i study in multimedia university..i do so many assignment and study so hard to get a good result university..then i ask myself again..why shud i study so hard..why cant i relax..and feel others?? Angel say:"is for a better life"...DEvil say: o yeah!! dont give a damn man..lets go clubbing and dont care about the i had graduate..i m a working person..i study so hard and get a good company to work on..but do i get a better life..teacher din tell me that even u study so so hard..when u come out..u r still..a man she din tell..i aint get a better life is only have 2 activities..working and sleeping..

there is an angel and another devil standing side to side in my mind..every morning...i wake up..the same question i m asking..why shud i go work??i study so hard for 13 years..i wanna take some rest...the angel come out and!! u cant ..u gotta work and earn i wake up and go to the toilet..then my evil side say to me ..O man..have some rest more..dammit u oledi work overtime yesterday..just dont fuck it la...!!sometimes i just feel tat evil side is concern to me..i m so tired..but i gonna think of working..think of every time i listen to the angel really treat me good??i dont a selection...i think i listen to angel so many times..makes me feel suffer and tired..dont say i m lazy..lazy is just a word..for the ppl who wanna makes u work more..better work until die..then u r really damn wat?? swallowing the time of my life..sometimes..i wanna rest..go fun..relax..enjoy my life..but i know..the will happen no need money..and if u have money..u have ur happiness..u have ur time..u have ur relax..u have ur joyment..u have ur plz listen to angel...and not the devil when u r still young...but..plz listen to devil..when u get old and have money..u can throw ur angel away..and be a devil..

" U wanna have the world..u gonna pay for it" i like this slogan..this slogan i din code out from novel or magazine..this is the slogan i use to convince and advice myself to wake up and work.. this is the holy slogan my angel give to me..

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Love is like a plant

Happy Chinese new year..seem a year have pass through so fast..and i had grow 1 year more older...or shud i say mature..after the new year,life goes on..and have to come back to cyber and start working smoke under a big tree...and it makes me think about my love university..
Love is like a plant...and i m the leaf..searching for the root..and join together the make the plant grow..and this plant is the relationship..that we being together,somehow i search for 3 root in this 4 years...and finally i have found the greatest root..
1st of all, seremban which is my home town is a hot zone..which is hard to plant..after the leaf reach 18 years old,it find a root..but somehow,the leaf make desicion to grow to cyberjaya and get the sun shine..coz cyberjaya is a good place to get sun shine..but my root don't think so..she think tat UTM got the greatest water where she can get and plant our leaf plan to go cyber and get sun shine while the root plan to go UTM and get the is on north and one is on south..haih somehow the plant is just planted..the small plant need many sun shine and water..but then the leaf and the root is on the different hard to transport the sunshine and water to the plant in time...So after 3 monthes,he plant dies..becoz the root,..she tell the leaf..tat she wanna get a better leaf in UTM...the leaf sad and continue to find other root in MMU...this is the 1st plant i hard whre leaf and root is taking resource from different places.
So the leaf rest for 1 year..and now he find a root which coming from the plant start by using the leaf from seremban and the root from america, The leaf know have to get the best sun shine for the root,so he try his best to get the good sun shine..while he root does wan the plant to grow..he root doesn't plan to get great water for the plant and for the leaf...somehow she reject every sun shine where the leaf get..Even though the root cut herself bu the rock and loose the water away..after half year ,the plant din grow well..and the root spread and spread..and she connect to other plant..she spread but she din get water for the right she is searching for a new plant...No matter how hard the leaf is trying to get a good photosintesis for her, she reject..and soon ...soon the root spread to other about the leaf and the plant before??the root dont think so the plant dies in about 8 monthes,and the leaf drop on the one cares..the leaf is sad..and disappointed for the america it doesnt seem like the import thing is better than then local make...thats is very wrong.The root is more suitable for winter..coz even cyber jaya is a hot rain forest..bu the root think tat is she play so the leaf..and is different background for the root...leaf from malaysia and root from deffenately cannot make the plant will end up unhappy and disappointed..and before the plant is getting die,volcano happens..our plant is burn..and leave nothing..his will happen coz the plant is not strong enuf..our plant is still a punch of grass..with a small leaf and super spread root..
After half year..of this burning plant incident,the leaf meet a root ..she is coming from seremban too..and she is a good root..after 5 monthes,we plant our cyberjaya..while the leaf is getting sunshine while the root is getting the water..sometimes when rainy day,the leaf doesnt get the good sunshine..but the root understand the root treat the leaf so good..the leaf is glad to have her as root..and our plant grow day by day..growing up so fast.the root doesnt spread so wide..but she grow so deep..deep inside the land and get the most finest water for the plant and leaf..while the leaf is growing up into a big leaf..getting more and more sun shine for the root..she is happy and the leaf is happy too...soon after 1 year,our plant growing up and the grass changing to become wood...and now we had being together for almost 2 years,our plant is growing and become a tree..the leaf wish to be with this root..every days,hours ..i wish..our tree will grow to the tree of eternity..with the most beautiful flower and root for his tree is call kimo...and she is the great root the leaf found..the tree is grow and is strong and stable...not matter volcano ,tornado or other disaster happen,the tree is still standing and still growing..

Appreaciate your love is like a can't loose either the leaf or the root..make the plant growinto the tree of is not easy to find a good root and understanding...dear all leaves appreaciate ur plant and root..when u had found a great root..get the greatest sun shine for her..and she will get the finest water for u..and by this,ur plant will grow fast...

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Running in life

Running In Life

Since long time i din write a blog .after the day i see the accident.Coz is kind of busy doing my final year thesis.Through out whole sem,ppl in the world is worried and rushing,me either is a normal human being.Is trying to do my best and worried about my career,rushing my time to ...annoying...when u realise u always rushing in ur kind of suffer.ppl rush for money,rush for food,rush for work,rush for school..woried about boss,worried about late,worried about work,worried about love,worried about career,worried about money..I wish some day the clock is forgotting the time...
I got insomnia again when tension come...I hate he feeling of worring..I hate to rush..but this is the rushing world that i live on..i remember there is a guy in tv when i watch in small..His name is Teddy Robin..and he say "..ppl rush better then rushing by time..""late is better than din attend."Which makes me know...i m living in a world that is lock in time..every day,every ppl is having a running compertition wif time.Now..finally i settle all my assignment..and do wat i like..
Sometimes just feel unfair,why shud i rush?,why shud i care?somehow my marks in my study is same as some student which is not rushing and not care..Well..the world is unfair..this is the fact..accept what you are..and u will feel better..i m responsible for wat i do..i m responsible for my mum..i m responsible for my just the matter of responsible..
"What we shud learn is run, not escape" well run and escape is a big different,we run towards our target..try the best of running.and not escaping problems, responsible.Rushing is care..what we rush of is what we care of..hope my blog brings comfortable for those who is rushing in life..and feel unfair for the sake of the world..what you r doing and wat you are rushing..u get the result..go on and wif me...someday..u will reach ur destination in life..

Run with us,here are the top runners for their life and target..

"I run for 3 years..coz my girl leave me,Dunno wat to do!"Forrest Gump

"I run in my whole life,coz if i dont run master won't give food to me" Horse

"I sense DEmon Near By,Run for your life" Demon Hunter

" I run to win the champion and I win it" DeenaDrossin

Friday, January 13, 2006

Speed kill

Sunrise had over in long long time..beoz i wake up so 2 pm when i choice coz i sleep in 5am morning..which is the time farmer and cow wake up to work..
Nothing to do,then call me frens goin the have lunch.On the way,i saw a horrible accident.where a guy crash his motorcycle in the the side of the road..and reading a old news paper with his whole head(which means is dead)..
human life is so easilly being taking away..appreciate ur life.while u can life more days..some people wanna live more but having no choice..
there is 2 many accident happen besides me...classmate...driving his motorcycle..speed like a flying birds,and crash into a car,like a morph crash into the fire..die on the of my frens drive his motor rushing home carrying his at the speed..of 120 km / hour..and crash to the side of the road..but he din die,his mom does..i saw his feeling..coz i attend his mom funeral..he is paralise,crying like a baby..holding his mom casket..u take the life who is given u sad.
The most incident is my aunt,she is the one who love me..she take me for 1st sushi lunch in melaka..and she bring me to swimming..she somehow in a place of peace..heaven..i hope she was happy living in there..with a pair of angle wing..she dies in an accident..which cause by my said her whole body bone is broken..dies the date February 2003..where tat day is valentines day..I miss her so much..i know she had becoming a star in the sky..watching me taking my steps..She had become and pretty angle..and living in another dimension of our does the motorcyclist who die today.speed kill...
I had watch so many accident..although i coz an accident 2...but i din kills the guy,i crash and broke his legs..which cause me about 800 + to cover of the medical fees..and goin to court facing the fucking judge..talking crap..asking me guilty o not..and from all these lesson,i learn..there is nothing special if u can run fast..u can speed up..make secure for your love one..dont speed when fetching them..u will regret..when u cause ur love dies..
one of my housemate in mmu still like all my frens who like to speed..he even can drive through the car which is moving on opposite dirction way..and he can even drive with 140 km/hour fetching us as their frens..and his girl fren...i hope he will reconise one day...i dont hope he is another one to goin to heaven or his gf or his a secure driver...

Who will the skull be? your parents?your wife?your son? your girl fren? o who other one u love?...theis is wat happen when u crash then and bring them to hell

Speed Kills....dont speed.